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Step by Step

She hung up the phone, amused by the results. Alan Shore must be slipping. Diane wasn't convinced for a second that he'd cut himself off from Jackie. She hadn't even been trying very hard, and he got quite pissed off at her. Much more angry than the guy who fired (and rather cruelly, by Abbie's retelling) her worthless whore of a sister should be.

"Just a business transaction, my ass." She paced around the apartment, tapping her cell phone against her leg. "He knows where she is. Hell, he might be hiding her. The question is, what should I do now?" Her musing was interrupted by the ringing of her phone. With an exasperated sigh, she lifted it to her ear. "What?"

"Well, don't sound so happy.." It was Donovan, in his usual jovial tone which was a direct counter to Diane's shitty mood.

"What the fuck do you want, Donovan?"

"You're the one who left me a message, doll...so why don't you tell me what -you- want?" She remembered that she'd called Donovan before the inspiration had struck to call Alan. "Any news on Jackie?"

"Actually, yes...One of my sources tells me she's got a new job in the DA's office."

Diane snorted. "Who's the source?"

"Novak's old secretary. She's pissed..."

"I would be too, losing my job to that fucking whore. I bet she screwed Novak too." Diane just couldn't comprehend how Jackie seemed to be so fucking lucky in life, and it pissed her off. If Jackie thought having Alan Shore for a bed buddy was going to keep her safe, she was wrong. "Good job, let me know if you find anything else."

"Will do..." He hung up. Diane grinned evilly, a plan against Jackie was already forming in her mind. She was going to make her sister pay, and let someone else take the fall. In fact, she could even kill two birds with one stone if she planned it out well enough. It would give her something to think about while she works on her 'job'. There was only so much sexual perversion a girl could take.