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Stakeout *RP Post*

Her shift was over, and it was time for Diane to start her overtime: tracking Alan Shore. She had every reason to believe that the prominent defense attorney was still seeing her worthless whore of a sister. It was also painfully obvious that she was obviously more to him than just a fuck, otherwise he wouldn't have spent so much time and energy looking out for her. She was the one who'd been molested for years, but she'd made something of herself. Jackie just sold herself and her sob story. It was hard to believe that Alan would have been stupid enough to fall for it, but he obviously was.

If she trailed him long enough, he'd lead her to Jackie..or at least proof of what she'd already determined. Sure enough, it did. Alan arrived at Jackie's apartment, headed inside, and didn't come out until the next morning. He walked out in the same clothes, but a much better mood. Diane only grinned. It took a good deal of her willpower to not honk the horn and wave at him, making absolutely certain he knew that she knew his secret. As she watched him leave, she thought of how he would look after Jackie got what was coming to her. He would be broken, crushed, and so would Jackie. Then this ridiculous farce of a relationship would end, and Jackie would be alone again. She'd seen how Jackie looked at Alan, as if he were a lifeline and she was drowning. If she lost him, it would kill her. Whether she limped on for a few more years before a trick gutted her, drank herself to death, or took a razor to her wrists didn't matter to Diane.

The war was on.