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In the New York Times as well as all the other major New York City newspapers, there is a birth announcement...

On January 7th, 2007, Councilman Michael Logan and his wife Millicent welcomed their twins, Declan Michael and Alessandra Magdalena. The children were born at Mercy General Hospital and each weighed 7lbs, 7 oz. Councilman Logan is currently running for Mayor. His wife is a former City employee who assists his campaign.

She had finally gotten Mike to relax about the babies. She was surprised at his tenderness toward them. Initially, he hadn't given Alessie a second thought. It was Declan, called Mikey, that he cared about--his boy, his heir. And somehow Alessie managed to win him over... She still couldn't believe that he doted on their children...

But the soft demeanor he'd come to possess around the family they'd made wasn't all good.

The boys, Tommy, Kenny, the rest of them...they were starting to suspect that Mike was going soft and she was beginning to think they were right...

She liked the manner in which he treated her. He let her have whatever she wanted, do whatever she wanted...he trusted her. And she trusted him. They...loved each other. Maybe a gangster and his moll being "in love" didn't seem like much to the outside, but it was a long way from that office...from the beatings and the struggles for power that had begun their relationship. He could still be vicious...and she had, as he liked to call it, 'a mean streak'...but not with each other...It was a sort of twisted version of normal.

But that sort of shit didn't fly in this world, not for long. Not with thugs who needed to constantly be reminded who was boss, not with lower-thans whose loyalty was fickle.

The other night...he mentioned it...something one of the boys had said...about Mrs. Logan being the real boss of the household. It wasn't good. He said they needed to be shown that he was the one in charge.

She'd told him a long time ago, when this had first begun, that she'd do whatever he needed her to...that she was always at his disposal...it had been part of his deal. The unspoken thought that lingered that night was what he could do to her...to show the boys that he was still in charge.

Roughing her up. That's what was implied, yet unsaid. The smart-mouthed missus bruised and battered would surely show Tommy and the crew that Mike Logan didn't give a shit who you were.

But he didn't. And he wouldn't. At least she didn't think so. She was the mother of his children. He had made it clear that that fact alone was worth a lot to him.

And...he loved her.

She knew the importance of this.

But she also knew the potential for a rebellion.

As the twins drifted off to sleep every night, she moved her fingers over the rosary beads, praying the Hail Mary over her babies...praying an Our Father over herself and her husband who was snoring down the hall...