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an overdue update

(OOC: It's true...I've been playing evil and have been teh lazy and not updated in a long while...here it is, weeks and weeks later...)

It had been a busy few months. She'd quit the lab, but she still had connections there, and it's not like Big D's guys didn't have a hold on the Department, anyway. Molding herself into the next first lady of the City of New York was hard work. Becoming Mike Logan's right hand woman was also proving to be a challenge. One she was most certainly up to. Kenny Briscoe and the other goons had finally fallen in line. All it took was a vase to that dumbass Briscoe's head. She smirked at the remembrance. Served him right. Millie Vizcorrando was a force to be reckoned with. They would all see, sooner or later.

She sat at her desk, writing out the next month's budget for the house. She handled the house staff, and that budget, and Kenny handled the other stuff. Mike trusted her implicitly now, she thought. She trusted him too, which is something she'd never thought she'd do. There was a soft side to him, one he would never dare let out in public. One that she would never betray him by revealing in public, either. It was enough for her that he displayed it in private. It had to be enough for her. She rested a hand on her belly, on the three-months bump that was carefully hidden by her finely tailored suit and remembered the twins. It would have to be enough for them too, she knew...

What kind of world was she bringing them into? They would have everything they ever needed...And yet, already, for reasons she knew, but couldn't bring herself to face, she feared for them.

Meanwhile, the wedding invitations had been sent out, across five boroughs, to many elite denizens of the City.

"The honor of your presence is requested at the wedding of Mr. Michael D. Logan to Ms. Millicent M. Vizcorrando...St. Patrick's Cathedral...Saturday, the 5th of August, 2006..."


Since the issue of godmodding has been brought up by more than one person, and successfully resolved, this post is where you can list what weaknesses your Darkside characters have.

Note: This does not mean that your characters will have any idea these weaknesses exist without a fair amount (or a lot) of effort.

This list is for reference, and to be able to point out OOC where said safeguards would come into play, so nobody dominates. A weakness can be obligation to someone, a secret the person really wants to keep hidden, etc, etc. Be creative with your character weaknesses like you were with the original C ideas, and it will be fine.

Since I started the last one, I'll go first again.

Jackie Barr - She has an enemy in her sister Diane, who hates her. Although it appears to be common knowledge that Jackie was a hooker, the only one who knows why is Alan Shore, and it's that her dad tried to molest her. Shore is also her only friend at this point, so the limited power she has at this point is through him. Not that she's really interested in power at the moment, she's just thankful to not be alone and off the street. All the money earned by hooking has been successfully invested for her retirement.


OOC Intro

Ok...here's the deal. Post in the comments a brief description which SIU characters will be playing here in the crack. I'd just like to say how much I harth you guys...

I'll also go first.

Jaclyn Barr - Rather than becoming a detective, Jackie ran away from home as a teenage girl after her dad tried to rape her. However, she did realize that she had something guys wanted, and decided to use that to her advantage. She works the streets as a hooker. She's tough, with a smart mouth and rather cynical outlook on life. She's usually got at least one weapon on her, and rumors are, she sliced off a guy's dick when he tried to rape her. Even without a weapon, though, she's good at kicking ass.

--Never fear, Jack and Abbie will be here too.--