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Open for Business, an interactive rp post

The office was a dark one. Cheap, even though he could afford better. He just chose to spend his money on other...endeavours. The shades were dusty, cobwebs waving back and forth with the breeze that came in through the bottom of the door. He brought a hand to the slightly-sloping desk and with one broad stroke, wiped off the dust and debris. So it wasn't the greatest looking of places. But his customers would pay for his services.

A week later, the dust is mostly gone, though one lone daddy long legs--deceivingly innocent and yet really, the most poisonous of all spiders--hangs around in the corner.

The lettering on the door reads:

J. Munch, Private Investigator


In the New York Times as well as all the other major New York City newspapers, there is a birth announcement...

On January 7th, 2007, Councilman Michael Logan and his wife Millicent welcomed their twins, Declan Michael and Alessandra Magdalena. The children were born at Mercy General Hospital and each weighed 7lbs, 7 oz. Councilman Logan is currently running for Mayor. His wife is a former City employee who assists his campaign.

She had finally gotten Mike to relax about the babies. She was surprised at his tenderness toward them. Initially, he hadn't given Alessie a second thought. It was Declan, called Mikey, that he cared about--his boy, his heir. And somehow Alessie managed to win him over... She still couldn't believe that he doted on their children...

But the soft demeanor he'd come to possess around the family they'd made wasn't all good.

The boys, Tommy, Kenny, the rest of them...they were starting to suspect that Mike was going soft and she was beginning to think they were right...

She liked the manner in which he treated her. He let her have whatever she wanted, do whatever she wanted...he trusted her. And she trusted him. They...loved each other. Maybe a gangster and his moll being "in love" didn't seem like much to the outside, but it was a long way from that office...from the beatings and the struggles for power that had begun their relationship. He could still be vicious...and she had, as he liked to call it, 'a mean streak'...but not with each other...It was a sort of twisted version of normal.

But that sort of shit didn't fly in this world, not for long. Not with thugs who needed to constantly be reminded who was boss, not with lower-thans whose loyalty was fickle.

The other night...he mentioned it...something one of the boys had said...about Mrs. Logan being the real boss of the household. It wasn't good. He said they needed to be shown that he was the one in charge.

She'd told him a long time ago, when this had first begun, that she'd do whatever he needed her to...that she was always at his disposal...it had been part of his deal. The unspoken thought that lingered that night was what he could do to her...to show the boys that he was still in charge.

Roughing her up. That's what was implied, yet unsaid. The smart-mouthed missus bruised and battered would surely show Tommy and the crew that Mike Logan didn't give a shit who you were.

But he didn't. And he wouldn't. At least she didn't think so. She was the mother of his children. He had made it clear that that fact alone was worth a lot to him.

And...he loved her.

She knew the importance of this.

But she also knew the potential for a rebellion.

As the twins drifted off to sleep every night, she moved her fingers over the rosary beads, praying the Hail Mary over her babies...praying an Our Father over herself and her husband who was snoring down the hall...
Brian Peluso made himself another drink from the bar at Christina Finn's penthouse. She was still crumbled up on the floor where he left her the night before where he left her. He had stuck around partly to see if she'd wake up and partly because he didn't have any other place to go. There was no way Val or Masucci could find him here. He was safe, for now.

(OOC-Feel free to turn this into an open thread. I don't how much rping time I'm going to have after school starts up)

Dec. 27th, 2006

No bodies had ever been found, but Diane knew with certainty that the ones she had sent after Jackie were dead. Somehow that little bitch had done it again. She had Alan Shore in her back pocket, and an easy job working for the DA, Casey Novak. Not only had she not fallen apart in the wake of her abduction and torture, she was better off! Hiring someone to shoot Jackie dead would be too simple, far too easy. She wanted Jackie to suffer, as much as possible. She wanted Jackie to suffer to the point where death seemed like a welcome alternative to the torment she was experiencing. She just had to figure out how to do it.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

If she wanted her plan to be successful, she would have to seek out alliances with those who hated Alan Shore and Casey Novak as much as she hated Jackie. If all three of them were under attack, one would fall, possibly dragging the others down too. Nobody obtains such high positions of power without pissing off a lot of people on the way. But, she would also have to be very careful that she didn't end up like the last 'help' she'd enlisted.

Is it over?

Jackie had been in the car for the count of five hundred and twenty-three Mississippis. The counting gave her something to do besides think about the fate that probably lay in store for her as soon as the car stopped. But, inevitably, the car did stop, and the door flew open. The blindfold kept her in the dark, but she could still hear. Her abductor's voice was just as cold as it was the day she'd met Jackie in the alley. "Well, you little bitch...it looks like we say goodbye here." *Without another word, the door opened, and Jackie was pushed out onto the gravel, landing hard on her side. She shifted back and forth, trying to loosen the rope around her wrists and said nothing. She just kept repeating in her head that it was over...finally over as the tires squealed and her tormentor drove away.

She got the blindfold off, her eyes blinking in the fading sun. Her hands scrabbled along the alley floor in search of something to cut the ropes with. Finally, her fingers grasped a large shard of broken glass and began to saw away at the ropes. When her hands were loose, she untied her feet. Now, she simply had to find a phone. That took time, because she was in an entirely unfamiliar area. She called the only person who would give a damn that she was still alive.

The phone rang once, twice, three times, before Alan answered it. His normal calm demeanor was gone, and there was real fear in his voice for the first time since Jackie had met him. "Yes, what?" It caught her by surprise, and she could only answer quietly, "Alan?"

"Jackie--Jackie? Where are you?"

Clutching the phone tightly, she looked all over, and couldn't see any identifying markers. "I-I don't know, but I'm so glad to hear your voice."

Alan took a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself down. Whatever happened to Jackie, she needed him to be calm. "I am too. Is there anything near you I could find?"

After another look, she did locate a pair of street signs, obscured by graffiti. She named the intersection, and continued, "I-I can't stay here."

"Yes you can...stay there. I'll--be right there ok--Don't go anywhere."

It takes Jackie a moment or two to respond around the lump forming in her throat. "Ok.....I will." Her voice is so quiet, so unlike her. "Hurry."

"I'll be right there, I promise."

Stakeout *RP Post*

Her shift was over, and it was time for Diane to start her overtime: tracking Alan Shore. She had every reason to believe that the prominent defense attorney was still seeing her worthless whore of a sister. It was also painfully obvious that she was obviously more to him than just a fuck, otherwise he wouldn't have spent so much time and energy looking out for her. She was the one who'd been molested for years, but she'd made something of herself. Jackie just sold herself and her sob story. It was hard to believe that Alan would have been stupid enough to fall for it, but he obviously was.

If she trailed him long enough, he'd lead her to Jackie..or at least proof of what she'd already determined. Sure enough, it did. Alan arrived at Jackie's apartment, headed inside, and didn't come out until the next morning. He walked out in the same clothes, but a much better mood. Diane only grinned. It took a good deal of her willpower to not honk the horn and wave at him, making absolutely certain he knew that she knew his secret. As she watched him leave, she thought of how he would look after Jackie got what was coming to her. He would be broken, crushed, and so would Jackie. Then this ridiculous farce of a relationship would end, and Jackie would be alone again. She'd seen how Jackie looked at Alan, as if he were a lifeline and she was drowning. If she lost him, it would kill her. Whether she limped on for a few more years before a trick gutted her, drank herself to death, or took a razor to her wrists didn't matter to Diane.

The war was on.

Step by Step

She hung up the phone, amused by the results. Alan Shore must be slipping. Diane wasn't convinced for a second that he'd cut himself off from Jackie. She hadn't even been trying very hard, and he got quite pissed off at her. Much more angry than the guy who fired (and rather cruelly, by Abbie's retelling) her worthless whore of a sister should be.

"Just a business transaction, my ass." She paced around the apartment, tapping her cell phone against her leg. "He knows where she is. Hell, he might be hiding her. The question is, what should I do now?" Her musing was interrupted by the ringing of her phone. With an exasperated sigh, she lifted it to her ear. "What?"

"Well, don't sound so happy.." It was Donovan, in his usual jovial tone which was a direct counter to Diane's shitty mood.

"What the fuck do you want, Donovan?"

"You're the one who left me a message, doll...so why don't you tell me what -you- want?" She remembered that she'd called Donovan before the inspiration had struck to call Alan. "Any news on Jackie?"

"Actually, yes...One of my sources tells me she's got a new job in the DA's office."

Diane snorted. "Who's the source?"

"Novak's old secretary. She's pissed..."

"I would be too, losing my job to that fucking whore. I bet she screwed Novak too." Diane just couldn't comprehend how Jackie seemed to be so fucking lucky in life, and it pissed her off. If Jackie thought having Alan Shore for a bed buddy was going to keep her safe, she was wrong. "Good job, let me know if you find anything else."

"Will do..." He hung up. Diane grinned evilly, a plan against Jackie was already forming in her mind. She was going to make her sister pay, and let someone else take the fall. In fact, she could even kill two birds with one stone if she planned it out well enough. It would give her something to think about while she works on her 'job'. There was only so much sexual perversion a girl could take.

Private entry

I got a call from Alan. He's in the Hamptons with Judge Ross. He fired me from the firm to keep me safe safer. God, I bought it too...I went to his place to apologize, thinking that I'd let down the only person to be a friend to me in years. He was surprised and relieved to see me. It was all an act, but I still hate the idea of him being with -her- on vacation, the fucking bitch who attacked me. I bet he's going to sleep with her too. I know he cares about me, but he has to make up for the weakness he showed in hiring me to begin with. They're all sharks, and there's blood in the water.

i don't know if he's realized yet, but this is a new problem. When I was at the firm, he could at least watch out for me, most of the time. Now, he won't be seeing me at all. It's not like I can walk into the firm now. If anybody finds out we're still seeing each other, it won't be hard to figure out why he fired me, and then we're no better off than we were before. I wish I didn't need him to protect me, that I could be his equal instead of his ward....maybe then he'd love me too.

Cleaning out the Desk (RP Moment)

Crying at her desk hadn't made her feel any better. She hadn't anticipated that it would. In reality, it was a miracle she'd lasted this long at Shore, McCoy, and Carmichael. Mike almost raped and murdered her, Abbie tried to kick her ass, Judge Ross attacked her, and through all of that, Alan had stood up for her, defended her. Now, he'd fired her over paperwork errors. Little paperwork errors, like typos and shit. She'd lost the only friend she had in the world over stupid fucking typos. God, she was hopeless. She loaded up the box with what few things she had, and looked back at Alan's office. She wanted to say something to him, but she didn't know what. She couldn't apologize for what she'd done, and he probably never wanted to see her again. With a heavy sigh, she carried her box out of Shore, McCoy, and Carmichael, already starting to cry again.

Just another problem....solved.

The Meeting

Two Weeks Ago
Kenny set down his teacup. "I thought you'd like to know, Ma'am."
"You did the right thing, Kenneth," Regina Mulroney's eyes met his, cold and unblinking. "I think you know that I do not approve of this." He nodded, and after a deep sigh, she continued. "We'll wait. He'll get tired of the guttersnipe soon enough. This little charade won't last."
She was almost daring him to contradict her, and despite feeling he should try, he merely stood and turned to leave.