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Law & Order: SIU - The Darkside
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This is a crack game for participants of lawandorder_siu in which their lives had taken alternate paths, and most of them turned to the dark side. You -must- be a member of lawandorder_siu in order to play.

***At the moment, register with your SIU journal, and post only to the comm to avoid confusion. Thank you very much.***

Character list coming soon.
abbie carmichael, adam schiff, alan shore, alex borgia, alex cabot, alex eames, angie harmon, anita van buren, annabella sciorra, annie parisse, aria dalton, arthur branch, assassin, autopsy, ballistics, bd wong, ben stone, benjamin bratt, bobby goren, carey lowell, carolyn barek, carolyn mccormick, case-solving, cases, casey novak, chris meloni, chris noth, ci, claire kincaid, courtney b. vance, crack, crime shows, criminal intent, dana eskelson, danielle melnick, dann florek, dark side, dennis farina, diane neal, dick wolf, dna, donald cragen, drug dealers, drug use, ed green, elisabeth rohm, elizabeth olivet, elizabeth rodgers, elliot stabler, emil skoda, fan fiction, fdny, fin tutuola, fire investigation, forensics, frankie silvera, fred dalton thompson, george dzundza, george huang, hookers, iab, ice-t, interrogation, jack mccoy, jamie ross, jerry orbach, jesse l martin, jill hennessey, jk simmons, joe fontana, john munch, kathryn erbe, l&o, lao, law, law & order, lennie briscoe, leslie hendrix, mariska hargitay, max greevey, melinda warner, michael imperioli, michael moriarty, mike logan, millie vizcorrando, murder, new york city, new york's finest, nick falco, nicole wallace, nypd, olivia benson, olivia d'abo, order, original series, paul robinette, paul sorvino, paula garces, phil cerreta, pimps, police work, rape, rat squad, rey curtis, richard belzer, richard brooks, role-playing, rolling hills, ron carver, s. epatha merkerson, sam waterston, serena southerlyn, social work, social workers, special victims unit, stephen hill, suspects, svu, tamara tunie, tovah feldshuh, victims, vincent d'onofrio, violence, writing